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For 8-12 Grade Writers

Personal Narrative, Revised – Writing Love and Agency in the High School Classroom: Older youth will collaborate with younger students to explore the question “what is love?”

Verse University: Poetry and prose come together to help with all writing, from personal to academic.

“Laugh and the World Laughs with You” – Engaging Student Writers through the Writing of Humor: Humorous mentor texts help students learn to inject humor into their own writing and their own lives.

While each workshop can stand alone, students and teachers can draw much more meaning from each seminar if they have other seminars to build on. Furthermore, registering for the entire series saves you money and time.

September 29th, 2018

Personal Narrative, Revised – Writing Love and Agency in the High School Classroom

For 8-12 Grade Writers

Come listen to the testimonies of older youth, who are co-presenting with award winning author Dr. Bronwyn LaMay. These writers have engaged in a project exploring the question “what is love?” and will share its impact on their lives. Then we will do some exploratory writing on the question “what is love” and consider the myriad implications love narratives hold. Think and talk about how your personal growth informs your relationship with school. Consider why self-narratives matter to academic understandings, and see a deeper meaning to the word “revision.”

Dr. Bronwyn LaMay teaches at Downtown College Prep, San Jose. Her book Personal Narrative, Revised: Writing Love and Agency in the High School Classroom won the 2017 NCTE Russell Award for Distinguished Research.

October 20th, 2018

Verse University

For 8-12 Grade Writers

In this workshop, instructors and students will learn to utilize skills that apply to both poetry and prose. This will help instructors teach writing across multiple genres, especially personal statements and college application essays, and it will allow students to build bridges from personal writing to academic writing.

Raven Sisco, SJAWP Teacher Consultant, teaches English and Advanced Creative Writing at Mt. Pleasant High School in East Side Union High School District.  

November 10th, 2018

“Laugh and the World Laughs with You”: Engaging Student Writers through the Writing of Humor

For 8-12 Grade Writers

Learn how to enjoy the writing and teaching of humorous pieces using a mentor text and mini-lessons on the literary features that enhance humorous writing.  Middle and High School students often read and write very serious pieces throughout the academic year, and I have found that students look forward to an opportunity to both read and write in a humorous context as well.  Models inspire them to do so.

Marie Milner, SJAWP Teacher Consultant, teaches at Andrew P. Hill High School in the East Side Union High School District.   



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