I learned more at the SJAWP Summer Open Program that any other institute. The methodologies Marty Brandt covered are going to be extremely helpful in my classroom next year.


I am grateful for the Saturday Seminar program because it has truly opened my eyes and helped me grow as a person and as a future professional. I can now improve the way students write papers, work with different kinds of students with different needs, learn how to adapt to generational gaps, and facilitate a healthy learning environment.

Rhett Cooksin - Pre-service English teacher



My participation in the Saturday PLC program reinforces my belief that effective teachers must frequently re-examine their pedagogy and continuously explore new ways to reach students. What works well one year may fall flat the next time around, and then it’s time to sign up for the next Super Saturday workshop. Even better. One can reinvigorate one’s own writing and writing instruction by devoting a summer to participating in an Invitational Summer Institute. Sometimes a 25 yr veteran of the classroom is in as much need of inspiration as a newly credentialed teacher.

Mike White - 25 Year veteran High School English teacher



As I head towards graduation and begin the process of deciding what path to take towards teacher certification, these Saturday Seminars have been invaluable in allowing me to learn from experienced teachers in a collaborative environment where they discuss the challenges and successes they experience daily in a classroom.

Mackenzie Rodriguez - SJSU Credential Candidate



Every Saturday workshop gives me inspiration and ideas on how to launch writing pieces, engage students in their writing, and more importantly, how I need to change my strategies and teaching techniques to be a positive influence in their writing adventure.

Adam Throm - 4th Year teacher at the elementary level



I have loved the workshop model with live students this year. It has been a great reminder of how much students already know and are capable of doing when given the tools, supports, and mentor texts they need to express their own truths. As I wrap up this school year and prepare for the next, I hope to continue building a more student-centered, authentic classroom through implementation of the methods and model text types for teaching reading and writing I have been exposed to through my experiences with the San Jose Area Writing Project.

Ariel Sarver - Veteran high school English teacher

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