2019 Summer Open Programs

Join a SJAWP teacher consultant and colleagues for productive, focused work in a writing and reading instruction topic for your grade level in a relaxing setting at SJSU.

All programs will be offered for two units of credit at $150 per unit, a total of $300. Participants can elect to add a third unit by writing an “extra credit” paper for $150 (a total of $450).Please note that Eventbrite tickets are distributed for event planning purposes, but all registration will take place on campus during the first day of each Summer Open Session. Once your registration is confirmed, you will be billed by SJSU Bursar’s Office

 Six offerings to enrich your summer. 

The Misunderstood Magic of Annotation - Grades 9-12

Monday - Thursday
June 10-13, 2019
9:00 am - 3:15 pm

The Misunderstood Magic of Annotation, the Powerhouse Tool for Reading, Writing, and Revising

Here’s  the thing: annotation is magic. Yes, magic is a strong word, but if any literacy tool deserves to be called magic, annotation is it. Few literacy tools offer teachers and students as much power as annotation, yet it remains a misunderstood, misused and underused strategy. In this four day course, we will examine the myths surrounding annotation, explore multiple dynamic methods of annotation, including ways to integrate technology and voice recording. We’ll explore how to use annotation to deepen and challenge our thinking. Then we’ll then dive into how to teach students to use annotation as a transformational revision tool to improve their own writing.

Each morning will be interactive whole group and small group lessons and activities which you can take back to your classroom. We’ll read and write, creating models for you to use with your students next year. The afternoon will provide time to develop lessons tailored to your instructional context, supported by fellow participants and the program leader.

About the presenter:

Kate Flowers

A National Board Certified Teacher and Heinemann Fellow, Kate loves creating a classroom experience that emboldens students to read and write their world. Kate presents at local, state and national conventions. She has published articles from her own classroom experiences empowering passionate readers and writers who own their reading and writing lives.

Santa Clara High School

Santa Clara Unified School District

Co-director – San Jose Area Writing Project


Why Didn’t Anyone Ever Teach Me This? - Grades 3-12

Monday - Thursday
June 17 - 20, 2019
9:00 am - 3:15 pm

Why didn’t anyone ever teach me this?  Is one of the first things that many teachers turned writers say when they take writing classes to focus on their personal practice. There is a gap between what is taught in schools and the trade secrets that successful writers use professionally.  This class will close the gap and share tried and true lessons that come straight out of postgraduate writing courses, all of which have been used with students in grades 3-12.

Teachers will spend their mornings studying the craft moves that professional writers make before implementing these moves in pieces of their own writing.  Teachers will also be given ample time to create plans for how they will incorporate these lessons into their classroom curriculum. From sentence to structure come learn the tricks of the trade.  Take a class for yourself and grow as a writer to help your students do the same.

About the presenter: 

Jane Gilmore

SJAWP Co-director and author, Jane developed and teaches the Novel Writing Certificate Program.  In addition, Jane is an experienced instructional coach with a passion for making writing engaging.


Harness Debate for Argument Writing - Grades 6-9

Monday - Thursday
July 29 - August 1, 2019
9:00 am - 3:15 pm

Class debates are an exceptional means for building student engagement and critical thinking, yet it is not uncommon to find little transfer of such passion and heavy cognitive lifting to students’ writing. In this workshop, we will explore how to harness the energy from debate into argumentative writing! We will discuss the role of oral rehearsal and listening groups and plan with these strategies and others in mind. We will think deeply together and try out the type of writing we’d love to read (and grade) from our students!

About the presenter:

Jacqueline Goodwin

Jacqueline teaches 8th-grade language arts at Renaissance Academy in the Alum Rock Union Elementary School District. She is passionate about strengthening students’ critical thinking skills in the classroom through varied listening and speakings activities, activities that pair with creative, academic writing.

Renaissance Academy


Teacher Consultant – San Jose Area Writing Project

Nancy Kennet

A Heritage Unit
- Grades 6-12

Monday - Thursday
June 17 - 20, 2019
9:00 am - 3:15 pm

Young writers come to us with rich cultural life experiences that can be mined to develop a sense of self and identity, hence the Journey Through Heritage.

Students engage more fully when they are given control of their own expression. In this unit of study students develop a rich portfolio that draws on their own modern cultural experiences. Participants will experience each aspect of this unit through their own writing. One goal is for participants to feel the freedom that students experience when student choice is at the forefront. The presenter will provide resources: mentor texts, student samples, video links, book titles, and a full unit overview.

Participants will learn multiple strategies; including a method of developing students capacity for extending their narrative over time, which has proven to double the length (and depth) of student writing.  The mantra of the Heritage Portfolio is “Don’t tell me what you can’t do; tell me what you can do!”

About the presenter:

Nancy Kennett

Nothing makes her happier than learning that students have made deep connections with their cultures and their elders through writing. She believes that we will never know where we are going until we understand where we have been.

Piedmont High School

East Side Union High School District

SJAWP Teacher Consultant and Co-director of the Invitational Summer Institute


Integrating Writing with Your School Calendar - Grades K-5

Monday - Thursday
June 24 - 27, 2019
9:00 am - 3:15 pm

We celebrate many holidays during the school year. Why not make them even more engaging? Teachers will take away writing activities they can use for major holidays and be introduced to great mentor texts.  

Learn how to integrate some low risk STEAM activities into writing lessons. Teachers will experience how adding elements of art, practices from engineering and using technology to student writing can expand their students’ knowledge and improve their writing.  

Building a purposeful writing plan across the year and using the cultural and holiday customs of your students will enliven your classroom writing.  Incorporating art and enriching the process will make memorable products.

We will also look at how to adapt the lessons for all grade levels K-5.

About the presenter:

Lisa Rivera

She is currently teaching first grade at Kathryn Hughes Elementary where she loves to integrate the arts into academic subjects.

Sunnyvale School District

Teacher Consultant – San Jose Area Writing Project

aeriale headshot

The Reading/Writing Connection - Grades 2-6

Monday - Thursday
July 29 – August 1, 2019
9:00 am - 3:15 pm

Do you want to help your students lift the level of their writing while simultaneously improving their reading skills? This workshop is designed to empower teachers to harness the reciprocity between reading and writing during workshop and across the curriculum. Join us as we study what Donald Bear calls “the braid of literacy development” and learn to make our English language arts teaching more efficient and effective. As Colleen Cruz writes, “Writers read better” and vice versa!

About the presenter:

Aeriale Johnson

Aeriale teaches second grade at Washington Elementary School, a school bursting with the energy of multiculturalism and multilingualism in downtown San Jose, CA. She is a National Board Certified Teacher specializing in early-middle childhood literacy and a recipient of many grants and fellowships. Aeriale most recently served as a Heinemann Fellow.  Her articles and essays have been published by Heinemann, the International Literacy Association, and Scholastic.

SJAWP – Teacher Consultant

Washington Elementary School

San Jose Unified School District

SJAWP Fellow